Learn real estate the smart way, while making money today (Bicycle Flipping) The New Flip

A Smart-Game that makes you money today, while teaching you real estate investing skills like wholesaling, fix and flip, owner financing (SubTo) and Entrepreneurship. Start now and make money now.

How to start a the “Best Side Hustle” Bicycle Flipping from an industry expert

Our comprehensive suite of professional services caters to a diverse clientele, ranging from homeowners to commercial developers.

 Make money from the comfort of your home bicycle flipping

The New Flip is a smart-game that makes you money today, while teaching you real estate business skills with bicycle flipping course

Make money now – Bicycle Flipping Book

You can find deals on your phone and buy them on the apps. All you need is $100 start capital.

Live classes

Watch live in action every week as The New Flip teaches you the strategies and tactics of how to make money flipping houses, wholesaling, and owner financing (SubTo), while at the same time learning how to start your own business.

Find and flip your own deals

Your smart game board is a real estate map that you can use to find and flip your own deals without spending money on marketing.

Find deals under market value

Find properties for sale at deep discounts, negotiate with the seller to buy the property, and make a profit by reselling the property or just keep a property you love for next to nothing.

Become our next success story

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Learn real estate skills while making fast money;Bicycle Flipping Course

Is it possible to make money now, while learning real estate skills that can make you a six-figure income? It is with The New Flip. You’ll start making money from day one and learn the skills you need to become a successful real

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