Why I wrote book bicycle flipping when I failed English class and cannot read

Why I wrote a book on bicycle flipping for when I failedEnglish class can can not read right.

Discover the secret side hustle that real estate investors are using to make fast cash.

Learn how to flip bicycles and generate extra income while honing your real estate investing skills.

1. REI complex so I used game therapy to simple the process
2. Teach the art of motived sellers
3. You make money now while learning!
4. Idnfifed motived sellers
5. Changing your Believe system
1. There deals out there
2. After first deal, make you feel good which normal result in more input or action for success

1. Teach you how to start a business with $100
2. Teach you how to find deals with zero marketing
3. Teach you how to negate and buy stuff .10-.50 on a dollar
4. Teach you how to inspect the property
5. Teach you how to resell the property after buying it
6. Teach you stage to sell and the importance
7. Teach you selling
8. Teach you system creative
9. It teach you how to deal with seller and buyers