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The New Flip is a smart-game that makes you money today, while teaching you real estate business skills with bicycle flipping course

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Learn real estate skills while making fast money;Bicycle Flipping Course

Is it possible to make money now, while learning real estate skills that can make you a six-figure income? It is with The New Flip. You’ll start making money from day one and learn the skills you need to become a successful real

Hey gang, this is Mike with My Real Estate Dojo, and today I’m going to share with you how I made $9,119 in just one month with only about four days of work. Let me tell you how bicycle flipping has become the best side hustle for me and how you can start this profitable venture too.

The Journey to Finding the Best Side Hustle

After recently getting married and having two new kids, I needed to find a way to provide for my family. If you’ve followed my journey, you know I came to America as a refugee, slept in my car after college, and turned $100 into three successful businesses, all debt-free for 14 years. Despite my financial success, I realized that my constant desire for more – more cars, bikes, and businesses – wasn’t bringing me happiness. I decided to give up my possessions and live minimally.

With a newly married life and two young kids, I needed a new side hustle that would allow me to support my family without the burden of a traditional job. That’s when I came up with the idea of bicycle flipping.

Why Bicycle Flipping?

I wanted a business that:

  1. Was easy and quick to start with little to no money.
  2. Had minimal overhead like office space, trucks, or storage facilities.
  3. Allowed me to spend time with my family.
  4. Could generate six-figure income quickly.

The Concept of Bicycle Flipping

I love riding bikes and knew there was a high demand for both buying and selling them. Most people buy bikes and hardly use them, similar to fitness equipment. This means many used bikes are in excellent condition but sold at a fraction of their value by motivated sellers.

How to Start Bicycle Flipping

  1. Define Your Audience: Look for motivated sellers who need to sell their bikes quickly, either due to financial reasons or just to clear out space.
  2. Buy at a Deep Discount: Purchase bikes at a low price from sellers who need to sell quickly.
  3. Sell at a Discount: Resell these bikes at a slightly lower than market price to ensure fast turnover.

Finding Deals

The best places to find deals on bikes are:

Steps to Success

  1. Find Deals: Look for motivated sellers on the platforms mentioned above. Place ads stating that you buy bikes, which is a passive way to attract deals.
  2. Package the Bike: Clean the bike, take great photos, and write compelling ads. Make the bike look appealing to buyers.
  3. Sell Quickly: Price the bike below market value to ensure a fast sale. Meet with buyers and close the deal.

Tools You Need

Proof of Success

Here’s a glimpse of my deals:


Bicycle flipping is the best side hustle to start with no money. It’s simple, profitable, and doesn’t require much overhead. Plus, it teaches essential real estate skills like negotiation, market analysis, and sales. Whether you’re looking to make money from home, learn how to make money online, or find the best business to start, bicycle flipping is a fantastic option.

If you’re serious about fast-tracking your success and avoiding common mistakes, check out my course “The New Flip” at TheNewFlip.com. The course includes everything you need to know, from offer letters to sales ads and more.

Remember, don’t take no for an answer. You’re amazing, powerful, beautiful, strong, and courageous. Your dreams are within reach. Much love!

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